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North East Coast

Everyone has a different mental picture of the perfect beach, so no two people would agree on a ranking order on the beaches that stretch from the rocky coast of Maine to the golden sands along the New Jersey shore. For some, the perfect beach is a tiny remote cove or one isolated behind miles of undeveloped dunes. Others crave the hubbub and excitement of an old-fashioned beach resort with a busy boardwalk, soft ice-cream, and a carousel. Some love to mix their beach time with ocean-side fun parks and other tourist attractions. Beachgoers also differ on their preferred water temperature, from bracing Maine surf to the warmer waters of Cape May.

Destinations: Newport, Boston, New York City, Montauk, Cape Cod, Martha Vineyard, Nantucket, Narragansett, Marblehead, Bar Harbor, Acadia National, Edgartown.
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